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Voyagers Youth Group

Voyagers Youth Group

Our mission:  Voyager logo

Voyagers exists to bring the joy and hope of the Gospel to life in the hearts of our youth through discipleship and fellowship.

CPC’s youth ministry is dedicated to helping parents train up their children in the fear and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). We aren’t here to replace the God honoring duty of parents to disciple their children, but as a covenant community, we help them do that. We love the young people of Christ Pres. and want to see them grow in their knowledge of the Gospel in order for them to live lives pleasing to God. We emphasize that the Gospel that saves them is also the Gospel that sanctifies them. That is why our Bible studies are Gospel-centered. We don’t preach moralism, or a “try harder” Christianity; but we teach them that the commands that God gives us to obey can only be obeyed by having our identity rooted in the finished work of Christ. Our hope is that our young people love Jesus, his people and those in their communities.

What we do:

We are currently meeting each week during the Sunday school hour.  Once a month, we also meet up after church for lunch and a fun activity - anything from sledding, bowling, mini-golf, to serving our community.

Our Leaders:

Our very own Pablo Herrera, Director of Family and Congregational Life, captains our team of volunteer adult leaders.  Our leaders all have a heart for youth and love hanging out with them. They are from all walks of life and bring unique experiences and perspectives to all that we do.