Our mission:  Voyager logo

Our goal is that our students would be established and equipped in their faith as they grow in their love for Christ, his word, and his church. In order to pursue this goal, we want all of our students to leave their high school years:

1.  Knowing the basic story and teachings of the Bible (Establishing)

     a. And being able to read it for themselves and teach it to others (Equipping)

2.  Having a solid foundation of Sound Doctrine (Establishing)

     a.  And being able to defend it and their faith as they answer common questions or objections (Equipping)

3.  Engaging in rhythms of grace like daily Bible reading, prayer, obedience, and the church (Establishing)

     a.  And being able to take their faith and apply it to all of life (Equipping)

What we do:

During the summer we take a break from our normal schedule.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jon Zayat or Adam Plach.