Christ Presbyterian Church is holding public corporate worship at the church building each Sunday at 10:15am, and at Bethany Chapel in Wheaton each Sunday at 5:00pm. We will also live-stream the 10:15am worship service (proceed to the “Sermons” page of this website to access the live-stream). Please click here for more details - Summarized GuidelinesPlease contact Senior Pastor Jon Nielson or Office Coordinator Emily Plach with any questions: (630) 980-4450. If you have any questions about attending worship services, please contact Pastor Jon at

Our Mission + Core Values

Our Mission + Core Values

Our Mission

To glorify God by knowing Christ and
making Him known through the Holy Spirit

To glorify God means . . .

To value Him as infinitely important in all areas of life. At Christ Presbyterian, this begins in public, corporate worship, then is borne out daily in the details of members’ lives. Christ-centered, Biblically informed, redemptive worship illuminates the weightiness  of God and His worthiness of all praise, honor, and acclaim. God’s people are summoned to glorify him corporately, and empowered and commanded to go forth – valuing Him as infinitely important in every facet of living.

To know Christ means . . .

To know certain, orthodox, confessional truths about God’s redemptive plans accomplished through Christ.

To adopt these truths as the framework or grid through which people see and understand their lives.

To rest upon Christ and his completed redemptive work depicted in these truths for right standing before God both at conversion and moving forward.

To pursue maturing fellowship with Christ: a deepening walk with Him that is characterized by increasing faith and obedience.

To make Him known means . . .

That Christ Presbyterian as a church, and every individual within her, is commanded to be obedient to the Great Commission.  Biblically this means a commitment to establish the Gospel locally, regionally, and internationally. The church is not a fortress set against the culture, rather a settlement within the culture whose mission is to propagate the evangelical Gospel.

Through the Holy Spirit means . . .

That Christ Presbyterian desires to be a church where our members recognize the global scope of God’s plans and our subsequent need to be completely reliant on His work in and through us. We affirm both the total futility of Gospel work apart from the Spirit, and the utter blessedness of those Gospel endeavors which rest on the work of the Holy Spirit.

Our Core Values

Proper study of God and his plans need to be born out of faithful study of God’s word. Application is born out of this study. Biblically informed, confessionally responsible sermons and teaching are to be the core of everything else that we do.

Our commitments to the church community are to be consistent with our priority on outreach. We believe healthy Biblical communities are compelling witnesses to the outside world. Fellowship on Sundays and otherwise should naturally flow into outreach and evangelism.

We affirm that the same Gospel that saves is also the power for Christian growth. The Gospel is not intended to be a “get out of Hell free card,” but instead a radical reorienting of all of life.

We intend for our missions efforts to reflect global Kingdom vision.  Our efforts in missions should be purposeful, designed to develop: (a) an ever-growing awareness of God’s work, (b) increasing personal involvement and dependency, and (c) concrete support and encouragement for the missionaries we support financially.

Discipleship must be designed to facilitate growth in all aspects of the “knowledge of Christ” as defined above. Personalized to the individual, discipleship should be inclusive, flexible, and perpetuating in the long-term.