Sunday services take place at 9am in Roselle and at 10:45am in Wheaton (Sunday school for all ages at 9:15am in Wheaton and at 10:30am in Roselle). Please contact Pastor Jon with any questions ( All are welcome to join us!

Summary of Worship Guidelines September 2021

Our Deacons

Our Deacons

Deacons at Christ Presbyterian Church wear a few different hats. To begin with, they coordinate all ministries directed to physical needs of members within the Christ Presbyterian family. When families have had new babies, the Deacons make sure that family is provided for with extra meals and babysitting assistance, along with other sorts of help. Physical care for shut-ins, financial assistance for members who have fallen on hard times all fall in their care. The church has a responsibility to help provide for her members when the time comes, and we rely heavily on the Deacons to do that.

The second area relates to the physical needs of the property. As our new building begins to age this job has grown greatly. Our deacons do a great job in recruiting the church’s “handymen” or hiring professionals to keep the facilities in clean, organized and working order.

The third area is oversight of our financial resources, which ensures our other ministries are able to bear fruit. The deacons are responsible for keeping records related to “giving”, developing our budget, monitoring and reporting on our finances and oversight of our accounting and payroll activities.

In short, the deacons keep the wheels of ministry turning.


Tim Mather

tim1Tim and his wife Andrea have been members of Christ Presbyterian (PCA) since 2004.  Tim serves as our church treasurer.  In this role, Tim is responsible for recording and reporting all "giving", drafting our budget, and producing regular financial reports.  As an accounting professional, Tim is responsible for paying our bills, processing payroll and recording all financial activities.




John Stewart

john1John joined Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA) in 2007 and was elected to the office of Deacon in 2014. He and his wife Lauren have 2 children. He is an active participant in the Men's ministry as well as a member of the Christian Education committee.






Steve Park

steve park 4Steve and his wife Amy moved to Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA) from a PCA church in Connecticut where they had been members for 25 years. They have three children who are also members. Steve is the Secretary of the Deacons and leads the A/V/L team. Amy enjoys playing her violin with the music ministry and teaches Sunday School.



Adam Plach

Adam copybI have been at Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA) my entire life which was about the same time CPC started. My wife and children also attend CPC. I help out with Sunday school, serve on our Christian Education committee, and Voyagers (our youth ministry).